We create space in the art world for the authentic appreciation of artists of diverse backgrounds.

About Us

Brandywine Workshop and
Archives (BWA) is a diversity-driven, non-profit cultural institution that produces and shares art to connect, inspire and build bridges among global communities. BWA’s creative expression is fostered through collaboration and processes that employ conventional as well as emerging technologies.

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What We Do

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A free, interactive digital archive of culturally diverse art and artists, Artura.org gives visitors access to a wide variety of voices, experiences, and histories not found in any other single open-educational resource. Our platform allows users to interact with art that represents contemporary cultures, histories, and traditions from around the globe.

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The Archives

The archives are split into two parts. One part includes the papers, publications and publicity documenting the organizational history—its governance, policies and strategic planning—and all its artistic and outreach programming. In addition the collections include photographs, video and audio, publications and personal correspondence with more than 450 artists and curators. A large portion of this information is housed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

The archives also includes the permanent collection of more than 1,400-original prints, collages and other works on paper.

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News and Updates

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