Who we are

Over the years, the mission of the Brandywine Workshop and Archives (BWA) has evolved as evidenced through its programming such as the Visual Artists in Public Service projects, artists in residence series, national and international exhibitions, artist exchanges and a national network of “Satellite Collections”.

Founded in 1972 as the Brandywine Graphic Workshop, in the Spring Garden neighborhood of North Philadelphia— a low-moderate income predominantly Black and Hispanic, working class community —as a collective of artists and art teachers, Brandywine was incorporated as a 501 (3) tax –exempt cultural institution in 1974.-

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The Mission

Brandywine Workshop and Archives (BWA) is a diversity-driven, non-profit cultural institution that produces and shares art to connect, inspire and build bridges among global communities. BWA’s creative expressions is fostered through collaboration and processes that employ conventional as well a modern techniques.

In the coming years, Brandywine will focus on the following 7 goals:

Through traveling exhibitions and Artists Residencies focused on emerging artists we hope to expand our audience base by age, ethnicity, nationally and internationally.

Explore a variety of new collaborative artist projects incorporating visual with digital technology and innovation involving multiple artists and “creatives” from other disciplines-literature, architecture and sound

Continue to build collections off-site and programming partnerships with other groups and institutions by growing the national Satellite Collection initiative

Accomplish leadership succession of the founder-president and complete the Legacy Campaign for the creation of an endowment and capital projects

Establish the Digital Portal: Artura.org to connect all collections with background, technical and educational materials available free online

Explore opportunities to connect exposure and education, creative expression and innovation to new technologies

Enhance self-sustaining capacity through investment income, increased print sales, operating efficiencies and strategic partnerships​

Discover the World through Art

The vision of BWA is to develop and support programming that makes access to quality art and art experiences widely available to diverse communities nationally and abroad through direct and digital engagement.


Offers educational training and mentoring programs that nurture young people, spur creative expression, provides exposure to a variety of art forms and media, and offers career pathways for those with talent and professional aspirations.

Provides a portal to global perspectives, diverse cultures and audiences through free and easy access to its art collections and learning tools.



Key Programs that Support the Mission and Vision of BWA

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