Programming and Events

Visiting Artists Residencies

Artists’ growing attraction to digital printing has caused Brandywine to consider a change in approach to future residencies that will provide digital options. Brandywine will still maintain the mantra that original prints are best created when the artist works to produce their own drawings and color separations, edition printing is a collaboration with a master printer, and adherence to the more traditional lithography, screen-printing, intaglio and relief processes helps extend the best tradition of the medium.

New technologies and trends in collaborative working processes can’t be ignored. In order to strengthen and expand the effort to push creative collaboration, Brandywine is designing projects to invite the participation of technology experts and digital innovation labs – private and university – based – in the exhibition program. Under the name iCreate a series of residencies, exhibitions and student workshops began in Summer 2016.

Printed Image Gallery

"And Then You Smile" Moe Booker






















The Archives

The archives are split into two parts. One part includes the papers, publications and publicity documenting the organizational history – its governance, policies and strategic planning – and all its artistic and outreach programming that is housed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. The second part, maintained at Brandywine, includes the permanent collection of more then 1,400 original prints, photographs, videos, publications and personal correspondence with more then 500 artists and curators.

Ruth Fine is an internationally respected independent curator who was formerly curator of special exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art. She is also an artist, the former curator of the Lessing Rosenwald Print Collection and considered an authority on artists working in the medium. Ruth has donated hundreds of historically important books to Brandywine, which offer a wide-range of material on the evolution of contemporary prints and their artist-makers. Her donation is being augmented by others from private donors to build an on-site and offline resource for visiting artists working in the print medium, students and researches with the potential to facilitate content creation for on-line public access.

Print Research Library

Digital Portal Project

The Digital Portal Project serves as the central data base of resources, which links diverse institutions within the Satellite Collection network of more than 14 national institutions who have received visiting artist prints. The website,, is being developed as a few and open source service available to users who may be artists, researchers, art historians, educators or students (high school to college) The prototype of the website has been launched at By 2022, our fiftieth anniversary, the growth of Satellite Collections will reach 24 institutions in urban communities and university centers across the country.

All these institutions will be widening descriptions and sharing artworks with academic users and the general public through real or virtual means such as exhibitions and online videos, critical essays, publications and lesson plans. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) has obtained the paper archives and Brandywine is hoping to fund and establish a digital archive and collection management internship program for minorities at HSP. Minority students underrepresented in training programs in the museum and archival field, so that parallel to the development of the data base, Brandywine will attempt to impact the need for exposure and training by building partnerships such as the HSP initiative to expand career paths for minorities.

Satellite Collections

The goal of establishing Satellite Collections of Brandywine Visiting Artist prints at other institutions across the country is to promote increased awareness of the contributions of culturally diverse artists, foster inclusiveness in research and instruction, and ensure wide access to contemporary printmaking. Here is a list of current members.

  • Arizona State University Art Museum, AZ


  • Bennett College, Greensboro, NC


  • Hampton University Museum, VA


  • Historical Society of Pennslyvania, Philadelphia, PA


  • Library of Congress, Print Department, Washington, DC


  • Woodruff Library, Atlanta University Center, Atlanta, GA


  • Museum of Contemporary Native American Art, Institute of American Indain Art, Santa Fe, NM
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA


  • Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI


  • Schomburg Center for Research in African American History and Culture, New York, NY


  • Scripps College, Los Angeles, CA


  • University of Delaware Art Museums, Newark, DE


  • University of Texas, Austin, TX


  • Xavier University, New Orleans, LA