What is the iCreate Zone

iCreate is the name given to all Brandywine Workshop and Archives projects that explore the integration of art and technology through the creative process. Visiting artist workshops, student workshops and digital media projects provide varied opportunities for participants to work together with experts in technology. With a focus on S.T.E.A.M. based learning and collaborative art- making, iCreate promotes the use of digital platforms for integrated learning, expression, presentation and interpretation.


iCreate Zone Summer Programs

If you are a low-income student attending Philadelphia’s public schools and aspiring to a career in the visual arts or related digital technologies such as animation, video production or learning code writing, Brandywine has opportunities for intense production oriented training. Four week all-day workshops are planned for this June, July and August. Interested applicants must attend an orientation session and present a portfolio of 10 artworks (in 2D media or DVD format) during an interview

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